As some of you know, the trusty Kevmobile (a 1991 Acura Integra, if you're keeping score at home) has been with me for many years and many miles. On August 2, 2002, it hit an amazing (literal) milestone: 333,333.3 miles--a third of the way to a million! Here's a picture of the odometer to prove it (no PhotoShop, no doctoring of any kind):

And here's a shot of hard-working car and happy owner:

(Photographs by Chris Casey)

If my current driving habits remain about the same, come back to this page in late 2004 for the 400,000 mile update. :-)

(EPILOGUE: Of course, the above wish didn't happen, as the car was forced off the road in late 2002 by the stringent emissions requirements for my area. Go to the new Kevmobile page to read the rest of the story.)

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